Friday, June 25, 2010

Nothing or All

This week, the First Lady announced the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. A day later, President Obama dined with Russian President Medvedev at a burger joint in Northern Virginia. Ray's Hell Burger, to be exact.

It didn't take long for the blogsphere to comment about the irony of these two events being only a day apart. Why would the President eat a burger a mere 24 hours after his wife announced an initiative designed to get Americans to eat more healthfully?

Is a greasy, giant burger part of a healthy diet? Perhaps not. Should we force ourselves into eating only healthy food, all or nothing? Definitely not! Granted, the timing wasn't great. But let's face it, sometimes taking a friend out for lunch to sit across the table, face-to-face, for a tasty burger, dripping with grease might be the best way to discuss anything. Who can be anything other than themselves with cheese dripping down the chin and globs of ketchup falling onto the table?

Give the President, and every one of us, a break. A burger on occasion is just fine. The secret to health? Only do so on occasion... which, for the sake of clarity is likely about once a month. Enjoy!

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