Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Health! It's the law!

Can we legislate health? Even as I write the question, it seems a bit silly. And yet, some places are trying. An article in the LA Times today discusses a study published by The Rand Corporation which shows a ban on fast-food restaurants will not curb obesity rates. Not shocking, I realize. And, it makes me wonder. Do our elected officials believe passing new laws will help us find our way out of the obesity epidemic?

Yes, many areas of this country are over burdened with fast food establishments (here is a pretty impressive map of McDonald's locations). But I think we have a different problem. The places where people eat aren't as much of an issue as what they eat. At nearly all places to eat you can find some choices that aren't too bad for you. So, do laws that ban fast food restaurants have any impact?

Maybe we can tax "bad" food and ban "bad" restaurants. That is sure to legislate our way out of trouble. As if...

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