Thursday, December 16, 2010

Health in 300 Seconds

We tweet in 140 characters and manage to communicate with our friends and followers. We've learned to write short emails because nobody has the patience to read a novel anymore. Our Facebook status updates fall somewhere in between. Texting? With shortcuts and abbreviations we can tell our partner "IMY♥" and they know exactly what we mean.

Yes, people, we've evolved. We've learned how to get a message across to those around us by recognizing what is really important and delivering a short, clear message.

We need to do the same for our exercise and eating habits. Stop beating yourself up because you didn't spend an hour in the gym. Don't worry about not being able to cook a gourmet four-course meal for your family each night. Short and frequent is better and, best of all, you can actually do it!

Exercise in 10 minute bursts at least 3 times each day. Eat 6 small meals per day and include lots of fruits and veggies (healthy, easy and don't require much prep). Most of all, stop driving yourself crazy because of what you're not doing. Move often, eat well and be happy. All in a few minutes a day.

Extend the revolution.
UR worth it!

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