Monday, November 9, 2009

"Health Care Reform: Put down the doughnut."

Dr. Laskowski wrote an interesting piece on our role in health care reform. He talks about personal responsibility and how it is such an important factor in truly reforming our health care system. He then discusses the challenges of eating well - healthy food is more expensive, there are places in this country (inner cities) where you can't find fresh fruit and vegetables, and the unknown impact of genetics on a person's weight.

While he makes valid points it is these kinds of excuses that make it too easy for people to avoid the very same personal responsibility they must take. Yes, for some people it is hard to eat well and lose weight. However, one thing is clear - if you actually do put down the doughnut and walk more you'll be better off. One step closer to health and one doughnut bite further away from obesity.

Start small.

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