Friday, August 3, 2012

Both... And

At 89 years old, my Grandfather ("Pappy") died this week. For him and for me, his death was a welcome end to the suffering he had endured. With a myriad of health issues, he had been completely dependent on others to feed, dress, bathe and move him. He spent these years living in my Dad's house and, gratefully, was surrounded by family and remained a constant presence in our lives.

Pappy was very special to me, and as the first Grandchild, I enjoyed all of the magic of being the apple of his eye. My response to every quandary was, "My Pappy will fix that" and so I believed without ever a doubt. I am very fortunate to have had nearly 44 years with him and am ever grateful for the example he set: be kind, help anyone in need, have some fun, go on any adventure you find, and meet every challenge head-on. He was my hero.

As we live life, we are often faced with situations accompanied by utterly conflicting emotions. Peacefulness comes from learning to accept what is. Learning to accept what is comes when we learn how to "dance" with two opposites pulling on us at the same time.  Embrace life and live in a world where "both... and" can exist at the same time.

I am very sad my Pappy is gone. I am so very glad he is free.

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