Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Power of Small

Loki and I rounded a corner on our walk through Druid Hill Park yesterday and we were suddenly overwhelmed by a sweet, flowery smell. Yes, even Loki raised his dog nose into the air for a few sniffs. It was remarkable. I peered around and didn't see any large flowery bushes or flower beds which would explain the aroma. Then, I looked down.

Spanning in all directions on both sides of the path were these tiny little white flowers. I will rely on any botanists to correct me, but I believe they are the flowers that come with clover. In many suburban expanses of perfect green lawns, the clover is much maligned as a weed. Yes, some people coat their lawn in chemicals in at attempt to banish this "weed." I'll spare you my feelings on lawn chemicals and the pursuit of the perfect green lawn - for now anyway - as I have another message.

The power of very small things. One of these flowers alone would not have the ability to create the amazing aroma we encountered yesterday. The hundreds and thousands of them together did something amazing.

In our pursuit of health, the ultimate body and the purist diet, sometimes we look for THE ANSWER. The big flowery bush in the garden of life, if you will. Maybe we can learn something from the lowly clover bud. Maybe we can finally recognize our real power really lies within the tiny, small choices we have each and every moment to better our wellbeing.

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