Monday, March 12, 2012

Farmer to You

Farmer's Market season is about to ramp up across most of the country. Visiting a farmer's market each week is a great way to support your local economy while enjoying fresh, real foods. We're lucky enough to be in Baltimore where there are several farmer's markets each week. The food simply tastes better and we get to know the people who are growing and raising our food. Plus, our weekly market trip becomes a fun event to look forward to each weekend - and over time we have become better in tune with seasonal foods.

While reading "The Prince's Speech: On The Future of Food" I was struck by the many ways industrial farming negatively impacts many things. I understand industrial farming is some people's answer to feeding more and more people, but at what cost?

Each of us can make a difference and begin to ween ourselves off of the industrial farming industry by making a lifestyle change to do more shopping at farmer's markets this year. To help us remember, consider the following:

For a directory of farmer's markets near you, see this directory. Happy eating!

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