Friday, January 20, 2012

Role Models We Don't Need

Paula Deen has diabetes. With this diagnosis she joins the other 25.8 million Americans with this condition and is transforming herself into the diabetes spokesperson for a diabetes drug manufactured by Novo Nordisk AS.

I give her credit for encouraging people to cook more meals at home (even if those meals were less-than-healthy options). I give her credit for making her diagnosis public because it is always better to be honest with people. And yet, the whole thing doesn't sit right with me. Granted there probably wasn't as much money in her other choices. Going public with her diagnosis and starting a whole food and exercise regime on her show. Showing her fans there is another way instead of waiting for the quick fix of a pill to erase all of our bad choices.

Don't wait for the pill. Get up, get out and take a walk.

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